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Practioner Profile

Practioner Profile

Zofeyah Breese (BHSc) Naturopathy, ANTA

Zofeyah is a qualified and registered Naturopath with experience in the health industry for over 10-years. Zofeyah bases her treatments on holistic natural therapies and the latest western natural medicine research for a wide range of conditions. Ensuring effective clinical outcomes are achieved.

The clinic tailors treatments appropriate for each individual which may include western herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, holistic counselling and or lifestyle advice.

Zofeyah is interested in helping people reach their health goals and works closely with her clients needs. Integrative medicine is a focus for our cilnic so if you are receiving conventional medicine we are happy to work with your doctor or other complementary healthcare practitioner to reach your health goals. 

Zofeyah specialises in complementary medicine for a range of conditions including respiratory complaints, male and female hormonal disorders, children’s health, skin conditions, nervous system complaints, digestive disorders, sports naturopathy, weight management and detox wellness programs.

If you would like to discuss any health issue, or to make an appointment please visit the contact link.