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Grown Hand Wash 500ml


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BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Neroli, Rosemary and Tangerine fruit oils
condition, nourish, tone and moisturise the skin. Jojoba, Macadamia
& Rosehip antioxidants protect the skin against oxidative damage and
premature ageing promoting new cell growth. Essential fatty acids in
Rosehip nourish & support skin elasticity, stimulate the production
of lipids and proteins necessary for healthy skin.

BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil releases triglycerides that along
with Fennel Seed gently emulsify and remove dirt and grime. Cold pressed
Sweet Orange Oil restores balance to skin stimulating circulation while
assisting with the release of toxins. Sweet Almond Oil boosts the skins
lipid content and preserves moisture levels. Pot Marigold provides
flavonoids which help leave the skin calm and soothed.

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